Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets for Windows 11

Windows Vista was a long time ago. I was working on the project, but it was not popular, and the users were too few. I did not give up, and made the desktop gadgets: wallpaper, screen savers and other beautiful things. After a long time, I received an email from Windows 7, and I was very excited. I started to develop new gadgets for Windows 7, and published them on my blog. These gadgets can be used with the new operating system, Windows 7.

Windows 8 tablets are great for gaming, but they’re not really designed for hardcore PC gamers. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the gadgets that I used to make my Windows 7 PC into an all-in-one gaming machine, all compatible with Windows 11.

While the Microsoft Store is the best way to get your favorite Windows 7 desktop applications on your Windows 10 PC, there are still some apps that might not be there yet, like the BetterSnapTool , the ultimate tool to use with your Windows Phone. Luckily, the guys at GetSecret have already made a Windows 10 version of their BetterSnapTool for Windows 7.

You can get genuine Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets for Windows 11 with a couple of clicks. By downloading the sidebar installer, you will have them back in the latest OS from Microsoft. While Microsoft claims them insecure and outdated, desktop gadgets still have plenty of fans.

Back in Windows 8 days, Microsoft was shipping desktop gadgets along with Windows 8 Developer Preview. But this has changed.

The Redmond software giant is now considering Live Tiles in Windows 10 and 8, and “Widgets” in Windows 11 as a robust, secure replacements for the legacy gadgets feature. So, starting in Windows 8, the operating system no longer includes them.

If you are not familiar with Desktop Gadgets, this fancy feature was first introduced in Windows Vista. In that version of Windows, gadgets were linked to a special area called “Sidebar”. The Sidebar was a line at the right edge of the screen where gadgets where stacked one above another in form of a column. You could drag a gadget to the Desktop, to make it expand itself and show extra options.

In Windows 7, Microsoft has updated the sidebar and made it a transparent area that takes the whole Desktop area where gadgets could be placed. There were a button for each of the widgets to expand or shrink it in size and show/hide its advanced features.

Finally in Windows 8, Microsoft has removed them. Here was born a new project – Gadgets Revived for all users who miss them. Gadgets Revived restores the desktop gadgets feature in Windows 11 with ease, and also provides a gallery of widgets.

Finally, confirm your intention to remove the app.

That’s it.

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