Why the Legend of Dragon sequel/Remake/Remaster will never happen thanks to Sony

I can promise you that Legend of Dragoon 2 will never happen. And I know this because Sony has made it perfectly clear that Legend of Dragoon 2 will never happen. So why do I think that? Sony has made it perfectly clear that Legend of Dragoon 2 will never happen. As I write this, Sony is currently working on Legend of Dragoon 2, which they announced that they are working on.

As you may or may not know, Sony has been making a lot of money off of Legend of Dragon, the classic game that has been around for years, and has stood the test of time. But it will not be long before Sony will be forced to stop selling Legend of Dragon, due to new game laws that require all games to be playable on new consoles. However, Legend of Dragon cannot be played on PS4, due to its outdated graphics, and Sony is not allowed to sell it on PS4 due to copyright laws.

1 – Sony doesn’t care about old games

They didn’t make the PS4 backwards compatible with all Playstation systems, the same thing almost happened with the PS5, but they held back on making the PS5 backwards compatible with the first 100 games in the PS4 library, only to hold back again on making the PS5 backwards compatible with almost all PS4 games. (Source:


Jim Ryan said no one cared about old games (99% of this SUB would disagree) when he was CEO, but now not only is he CEO of SIE, but such a mentality at SIE has just grown.(Source; https://www.throwbacks.com/sony-executive-says-no-one-cares-about-old-games-heres-why-hes-wrong/ )

2- The original developers of the game are no longer owned by Sony.

I know you don’t need the original developers of a particular game to make a sequel or remake, but this does make it more likely that there will be a sequel, for example.

When the SaGa Frontier remaster was announced, many people couldn’t understand why Xenogears wasn’t remastered and SaGa Frontier was. The answer is that most of the original Xenogears development team no longer works for Square, and the developers at SaGa Frontier still work for Square, and they want to make a remaster.

Most of the people who developed Legend of the Dragon no longer work for Sony. In addition, Sony has closed the Japanese studio (https://www.pastemagazine.com/games/japan-studio/sie-japan-studio-winding-down/) for the most part.

3- They don’t even want a remake of an old PS3 game.

Sony refuses to remake Uncharted 1 (2007) and instead makes Last of Us (2013) This isn’t even a joke (Source:

If they don’t want to remake a PS3 game that sold 4 million copies, they also don’t want to remake a PS1 game that sold 1 million copies.

4- You play it safe

The playstation execlusive template

I’ve already given a link to a Bloomberg article that basically says what I would say about this, but in short, Sony wants to make third person action games for a wide market, they’re only going to make games like that and no one is going to stop them.

5- Gamer will reject a sequel/remake of the dragon saga.

Many players have a mindset: if I don’t like this game, it shouldn’t exist, would you like Days gone? The developers really wanted to make a sequel but Sony wouldn’t let them because Days gone wasn’t a game that was praised by everyone on the planet like God of War and Last of us, when the sequel was cancelled I saw a lot of people condemning Sony for not spending money on that shit. Personally, I don’t care when the days are over, but that’s just rude.

Legend of the Dragon is a similar case, the game is turn-based, which already puts some people off, and even among JRPG fans there are people who don’t like it (myself included), Sony doesn’t want games that aren’t for everyone, Sony wants games for everyone.

If Sony made an announcement about a Legend of the Dragon remake, some people would…

Nobody cares about this shit.

turn-based combat is more like turn-based critical combat

Why is Sony wasting its time and money on a game no one is interested in?

The developers of this game could have co-developed TLOUS 3, but instead they make this crap.

6- Conclusion

Sony won’t do anything related to Legend of the Dragon because they don’t care.

Why did I do that?

When the SaGa frontier remaster was revealed on nitendo direct in February 2021, I saw Youtuber yourBudTevin say something like: I don’t want this shit, I want Legend of Dragon. I did it to show people like him that it was unlikely to happen.

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