What Is Smurfing In Gaming? Things To Know 2022

Do you know what is smurfing in gaming? If not, don’t worry, this guide will help you with it.

Nowadays, people are getting addicted to social networking sites and they spend most of their time on these sites. It is the most common thing that everyone does, but if you want to play video games without wasting your time then you need to use some tricks and strategies.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 gaming tips for newbies. If you are a gamer then you must have heard about smurfing. But what is smurfing? We will tell you about it in detail

I was not aware of this term until I read an article on the Internet. It was really interesting to read and so I decided to share this on my blog. So, without wasting your time, let’s know about what is smurfing in gaming.

What Is Smurfing In Gaming?

This is the most common problem faced by players who play multiplayer games like World of Warcraft. This is not something new as it has been there since the inception of the game.

It is a method where a player plays multiple accounts at once. This is done to increase the level of the character and then sell the item for a huge profit.

In order to do this, you need to play the game for a long time and gain a good amount of experience points. After gaining these experience points you can make a new account and play it. This is one of the most common ways used by people to cheat in the game.

Why Do People Use Smurf Accounts?

Smurfing happens because of a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons people do it is that it takes a lot of time at the highest ranks to find a match. Someone might have to wait 30 minutes to find a game if they are a ranked Grandmaster in the game.

They are able to play much more quickly if they create a smurf account that is placed in Gold. People want to dominate other players and that is one of the reasons for smurfing. If you’re not having good results at your actual rank, making a smurf account where you’re playing against people who aren’t as good at the game is an easy way to feel like a better player.

While a lot of smurfing happens from the top players, anyone can do it. novices who are not familiar with the game might be destroyed by an average player at the lowest ranks.

Streamers might create smurf accounts to hide their identities or entertain their audience. It’s fun to make a fresh account and see how quickly you can move up from the bottom to the higher ranks.

How Does It Work?

If you are playing a game like World of Warcraft then it is very easy to understand how smurfing works. You need to create a new account and start playing.

After some time you will get a lot of experience points and once you reach the level required you can sell the items for a huge profit.

Top 10 Gaming Tips For Newbies:

Use The Latest Version

You must always use the latest version of the game because the older versions are not compatible with the latest devices. This tip is very important, so don’t forget to update it.

Use The Right Software

You must be aware of all the features of the software and must choose the best one. You must know how to use the software and what all features it has.

Know Your Opponents

If you are a newbie then you must have no idea about the gaming strategy and tactics. So, you must know all the tricks of the game and then you can defeat your opponents.

Improve Your Skills

You should improve your skills by using tutorials or other sources. The better you are at something, the more you will earn in the game.

Make Your Own Strategy

This is the best way to get higher scores in the game. You need to make your own strategy and tactics in order to win the game.

Download The Latest Updates

The game will never run properly without the latest updates. So, download all the updates and install them on your device.

Use The Latest Technology

Use the latest technology because the older version of the device won’t support the latest updates. If you want to play games on the latest version then you need to upgrade it.

Get More Credits

You must know that the game is free to play but if you want to win more prizes then you must have more credits. Get more credits by playing more games.

Do Not Cheat

If you want to win the game then you must try to avoid cheating because cheating can lead to losing your account.

To conclude, you must play the game legally.

Do Not Lose

You must always keep in mind that you can’t lose the game. If you are a newbie then you must play smartly and keep in mind that you are just a beginner.

Avoid Scams

You must avoid scams because they can harm you and your account. Never give your account and password to anyone because they will use it to play in your account.


If you want to play the game then you must know all these tips and tricks. If you are a beginner then you must follow all these tips and tricks in order to get a good score.

We hope this post helped you to understand smurfing better. We know a lot of people do this thing and we don’t approve of it, but if you want to play a game and get more prizes then this trick is the best way. You need to use the tricks mentioned in the blog post and try to get more wins in the game.

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