The Top 12 Best Psychic Monster Cards –

The top 12 best psychic monster cards – a list of the best psychic monster cards ever created by the famous horror-story writer R.L. Stine.

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A blog post on how to summon the “best” psychic monster cards, based on your interest in the topic. Based on user requests, and with a humorous twist.

Mental monsters are a new type from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds era.

He was a man with many built-in synergies: each Psyche monster received an attack boost or special ability if there were other Psyches on the field.

They also usually pay health points to unlock their effects, while their sync monsters specialize in giving back those health points (and more!).

Since then, several psychic decks have found their way into the metagame. Who can forget Cosmo, the Star Wars-inspired deck that has rocked every tournament?

Or the Knights of Mecca, an archetype that really got us thinking about which column the monster is in?

If you want to incorporate some of these powerful monsters into your strategy, check out these cards. Here are our top Psycho Monsters from all the Yu-Gi-Oh!

12. Overdrive transporter

Overdrive Teleporter is absolutely fantastic for any deck that isn’t afraid to summon tributes.

It’s a monster with a tribute and 2100 attack, which is quite a charge.

When on the field, you can pay 2000 life points to summon two Level 3 Psycho Monsters directly from your deck!

Unlike many other cards that specifically summon monsters from the deck, the effects of these cards are not nullified and are not automatically destroyed in the end phase.

One of the best games with this card is probably the special tuner and non-tuner challenge, then the synchronous challenge at level 6, 9 or even 12!

11. Overlap

This odd looking spell book is the perfect easy to access first level voter.

As long as your opponent has more cards in their Extra Deck than you do, you can Target Summon that card from your Graveyard. This gives you a monster level 1 tuner that you can use for all sorts of synchronous calls.

This is advantageous in two situations.

If you’re playing against a Pendulum Deck, chances are your opponent has filled their Extra Deck with Pendulum monsters, which means you can Target Summon that card whenever you want!

And the overlap is also great when you do the last spell from the Pot of Prosperity. With this card you can draw by shuffling cards from your extra deck, which means that your extra deck will almost certainly be smaller than your opponent’s!

10. Destroyer

Eliminating spells and traps is absolutely essential if you want to succeed in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Some of the most powerful strategies revolve around trap cards that can cancel card calls and activations.

If you can destroy them before they can activate, you have a good chance of winning. And here’s how the destructotron can help you:

By paying 1000 life points, you can destroy any Spell or Trap Card on the field.

What’s amazing is that this ability works more than once per turn.

As long as you have a health reserve, you can continue to destroy the enemy’s defensive line.

9. Cosmo Tincan

Kozmo decks turned the metagame on its head when they were introduced.

Not only is this one of the coolest decks (based on the Star Wars movies), but it’s also one of the most powerful decks.

Every little monster spawns much bigger and scarier monsters, and Cosmo Tinkan is a perfect example.

You can banish this card from your field to perform a spell that summons a Cosmo of level 2 or higher from your hand, or reveal 3 Cosmo cards from your deck and randomly add one card to your hand and send the rest to the graveyard.

Who can refuse a free search with a stupid funeral?

8. Mental Viewer

This card is unique in that it only has an effect when specifically invoked after Exile.

Of course, there are plenty of cards that do exactly that, making it a good mental monster for many decks.

During his Special Summon, you can look at the first 3 cards of your opponent’s deck and remove one from play.

That way, your opponent can’t surprise you in the next round. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to ban some of their key combos!

If you know your opponent is playing discard decks, I would definitely add a copy of Mental Seeker.

7. Psi-Framelord Omega

This is probably one of the best level 8 dubs out there, psychic or not.

During the Main Phase, you may banish both this turned card and a card from your opponent’s hand until the next Waiting Phase.

This way you can deprive your opponent of vital resources and get a vague idea of what game he will try to make.

The fact that you can do this every turn against your opponent is absolutely insane. And they’ll have a hard time keeping their hand secret when that card lands on the field!

When this card is eventually destroyed, shuffle a card from your graveyard to your deck, and Psy-Framelord Omega returns to an additional deck, ready to be summoned again.

6. Mental health transvestite

Psychic Lifetrancer was one of the most common dub monsters of all time, back when dub monsters were relatively new.

It’s a common monster from the 7th century. Level with a decent attack value that can give you 1200 health to banish a Psychic monster from your graveyard.

At the time, there was a kind of second level mental attunement that was often used to summon this card. And because of that, the Psychic Lifetrancer was almost guaranteed to yield life points!

This monster is exponentially better at pure mental teams.

You’ll have to banish a lot more spirit monsters, and some monsters really want to be banished, like the Spirit Seeker!

5. Psy-Framegear Gamma

Psy-Framegear Gamma is a fantastic hand trap.

If your opponent activates a monster effect while you do not control a monster, you can cancel the effect and destroy the monster immediately.

As if that weren’t enough, you can Summon Psy-Driver Special from your hand, your deck, or your graveyard to get two free monsters that you can use for an additional Summoning from your deck.

The only downside to this card is that you have to use Psi Frame Driver in your deck, which is a level 6 monster.

Great for old school Yu-Gi-Oh, but pretty useless in modern formats if you end up using it.

4. Hypersensory blaster

Hyper Psychic Blaster gives psychic decks an important way to win: a big hitting stick.

This monster deals piercing combat damage, so if it attacks a monster in defensive position that has less defense than this card’s attack, your opponent gets the difference in damage quality.

In addition, you gain life points equal to the difference between this card’s attack and your opponent’s monster defense.

Nice little bonus.

Especially good because psychic decks often run out of hit points.

Many monsters in the main game have abilities that cost health points. So, if you’re not careful, they can be used up quickly.

The hyper-psychic blaster keeps your health high and your opponent’s low.

3. Android Magic

The magic android is a level 5 sync monster that can give you a lot of health.

During each end phase, you gain 600 life points for each Psycho Monster under your control.

It will be at least 600 per round, because the Magic Android activates itself. However, this effect gets much stronger the more monsters you take out.

You get at most 3000 health points at the end of each round.

Your opponent will have to be very lucky to take him down.

2. Crebons

I’d say Crebons was one of the best tuners in Yu-Gi-Oh.

You can pay 800 life points to make sure this guy doesn’t get attacked. And this effect works more than once per turn, so if Crebons is targeted by multiple attacks, you can cancel each attack.

One of the hardest things about a timing challenge I find is keeping the tuner on the board long enough to get my non-tuners out.

Crebons is here for you when you need a second level expert.

This card is also great for reducing the damage you take from attacks. 800 health is much better than 3,000 for Blue Eyes face, that’s for sure!

1. Ghost Ogre and Snow Hare

This card is the best spirit monster in all of Yu-Gi-Oh, and easily the most playable.

When a card flipped on the field activates its effect, whether it’s a monster, spell, or trap, you can cast Ghost Beast & Snow Rabbit to destroy that card on the field.

One of the main reasons this card is so powerful is its versatility.

You can get rid of all kinds of threats at once without having to use separate cards for spells, traps, and monsters.

This card is also excellent for the current format, where terrain spells are crucial to many strategies.

Dragon Link, one of the most powerful decks to date, could not function without its Boot Sector Launch field spell.

Whatever deck you play, I recommend having a copy of this card in your main deck – and maybe a few more in a side deck!”The Top 12 Best Psychic Monster Cards” is a blog that shows you the best Psychic Monster Cards from the two years of playing the Monster Card Game for the Monster League. So, if you are a fan of the Monster League, you may also be a fan of the blog.. Read more about psychic tuners and let us know what you think.

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