Singapure, US and German Authorities Says Zoom Has Privacy Issues

Cyber security researchers have discovered a flaw in the Zoom app, which is a live streaming and broadcasting app that is used by broadcasters and presenters to stream their events. This has prompted security researchers to issue a warning for users of the app, as there is a potential for a cyber attack that could take place. The security researchers have found that the app stores information that users of the app would not be expecting it to.

Earlier this week, the third largest search engine in the US announced that it was launching a photo-sharing app that could potentially be used for surveillance. The app, called Zoom, lets users create videos of themselves to upload and share, but also lets users share videos they grab from other social media sites. This means that a user’s video could be recorded without consent from the original uploader. Meanwhile, the German Interior Ministry is now seeking a search warrant to force Google to hand over a number of videos from YouTube that feature German police using force against protesters.

In a (relatively) recent announcement, the Singaporean government has said that it will be forcing zoom into to explain why it’s autofocus technology is not actually keeping your pics private.

Shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend toward working from home and online education peaked. Online video calling applications are at the peak of their popularity with students and office workers. Video call apps like Skype, Google Meet and Zoom set new records in downloads. These applications are becoming a priority for educational institutions and workshops. The fact is that thanks to these applications, delays at work and school are reduced to almost zero in these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing becomes a new term.

Of all these platforms, Zoom is the most popular video conferencing platform among office workers and university students. According to Zoom CEO Eric S. Ewan, the app has 200 million users and 10 million in the last five months, which in itself is a record for the number of downloads of an app.

One incident occurred when, during an online class with teenage girls, unknown men made offensive comments.

According to a report by TechRepulic, 35% of Zoom users are concerned about sensitive information being leaked after a series of security problems with the video conferencing platform.

CNet writes that the US Senate will no longer use Zoom for remote work from now on. The German government is also warning its lawmakers against using Zoom for video conferencing and remote working.

Due to a security breach, the Singapore authorities have asked their organizations to stop using the Zoom video conferencing application. According to the Ministry of Education, the teacher will not use Zoom again as a precaution until authorities have addressed the safety concerns.

What Zoom is doing to fix the security hole in its most popular app According to Forbes, Zoom’s CEO has apologized to users. The organization plans to improve the security performance of its video conferencing application.A lot of people have called Zoom “Bing for the Internet of Things”, so we wanted to know if that was accurate.. Read more about is zoom still banned in germany and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Zoom banned in Singapore?

Zoom was banned in Singapore in September 2016 due to the high number of complaints received about the app.

Is Zoom having privacy issues?

Zoom has not had any privacy issues to date.

Is Zoom still banned in Singapore?

Yes, Zoom is still banned in Singapore.

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