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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) 32GB is the budget version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) tablet, which was released in April 2019. This modest tablet comes with a 7-inch display, dual-SIM support, and a USB-C port. It is powered by an Exynos 9110 1.6GHz octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. The Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) comes with 32GB of onboard storage, but there is a microSD card slot to expand it further.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, you may be tempted to head to the most common OEM: Samsung. This company has released the best tablets over the last few years, but now it has something new to offer. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is Samsung’s new entry-level tablet, a 7-inch tablet that’s designed to be easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet. But, with so many tablets available, how does it fare against its rivals?

The A7 (2020) is Samsung’s latest budget tablet and it’s selling very fast. The good news is it’s cheaper than the A8 (2019) which is clinging on to a price tag of about $300 more. The A7 (2020) has a 6″ screen that supports a resolution of 2048 x 1536. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 636 CPU and comes with four times the RAM of the A8 (2019). It’s available in 32GB or 64GB variants, both of which run on a 2.0GHz octa-core processor. The A7 (2020) also has a decent camera.

The Galaxy Tab A7, which was unveiled in September 2020, is not a 7-inch tablet as the name suggests, but a full-fledged 10.4-inch device that can compete with all budget tablets. It has all the features of a modern tablet: small bezels, a screen with rounded corners, rear and front cameras that really work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 2020

What is the position of the Galaxy Tab A7 among Samsung’s 10-inch tablets? In terms of price, it sits at the lower end of the scale, making it the cheapest device (not counting the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A8). It is followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Ideal for reading

1. Ideal for entertainment

The bright 10.4-inch display has a WUXGA+ or 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution, which is sufficient for work, entertainment and gaming. Enjoy movies, TV shows and games with immersive sound through four-way stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos support. Surround sound effects that bring everything you see in the game to life. The sound is impressive, and the image on the screen is very detailed and colorful. However, the panel does not perform well in bright light, especially outdoors. It is difficult for a person to see what is on the screen. It works both indoors and outdoors and also supports a dark mode.

2. Slim, elegant and light, easy to pack

We already mentioned the rounded corners of the screen and an even narrower bezel (what Samsung calls a symmetrical bezel). The screen and bezels are housed in an elegant, all-metal body that’s no more than 7mm thick. It is also available in three different colors: Dark grey, silver and gold. It is also worth mentioning that the tablet weighs only 476 grams.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 104 thin and light

3. Processing, memory and storage capacity

Apart from the screen, the three most important features of the tablet are the chip, memory size and storage space. Fortunately, the Galaxy Tab A7 offers all of this. The device is powered by the Qualcomm SM6115 processor (better known as Snapdragon 662), an 11nm octa-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz with four Kryo 260 Gold performance cores at 2.0GHz and four Kryo 260 Silver cores at 1.8GHz. Combined with 3GB of RAM, this is enough to handle everyday tasks without any hesitation. In terms of storage, the tablet has 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot that can accommodate microSD cards up to 1TB. The mid-range and high-end tablets have 64 GB and 128 GB respectively, while the more expensive models have up to 1 TB or 2 TB of internal storage.

4. Battery for daytime running

Quick charging is the order of the day to quickly boost the 7040 mAh battery capacity to 100%, which you can charge with a 15-watt quick charger. Unfortunately, the 15W AFC (Adaptive Fast Charger) is sold separately. Once fully charged, the charge lasts a full day, up to 10 hours depending on what you’re doing. This is a pretty standard feature, and you’d expect the fast charger to be on by default, but it’s not.

5. Cameras not meeting our expectations

Sure, it’s an entry-level tablet, but Samsung could have at least added an LED flash or a secondary TOF camera for better focus. The main camera is based on an 8MP autofocus sensor, while the front camera has a 5MP sensor. Both cameras are standard cameras and take low quality photos. I don’t use a tablet to take pictures, so I don’t care. Only video calls are interesting, and the front-facing camera takes decent photos and videos in portrait mode.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 front and back

Other connection options and restrictions

If you have another Samsung device, i.e. a Samsung smartphone, you can use the Sync application to receive notifications, calls and text messages from your smartphone. It even supports the car’s hotspot function when you’re out of WiFi range to stay connected. Again, this applies if you have compatible Galaxy smartphones. Samsung has also taken inspiration from Apple’s iCloud sharing, which allows you to easily share photos, memories, notes and calendar entries with other family members.

There is one caveat to mention here. Although the device supports microSD cards via a built-in slot for additional storage up to 1TB, this is limited to data only. You cannot install applications on the memory. Move videos, photos, and other data that takes up storage space, especially high-resolution videos and music,

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 color options

Galaxy Tab A7 Alternatives: Competitive devices from Amazon, Huawei and Lenovo

While it’s affordable, it’s still higher than big brand tablets and Amazon’s Fire HD 10. The difference here is that you can rely on Samsung’s reputation and long line of proven devices.

A direct competitor to the Galaxy Tab A7 is the 10.4-inch MatePad tablet from Huawei. It has the same modern design and a 10.4-inch wide-angle screen with rounded corners, packed into a tiny 7.9-millimeter frame. Powered by Kirin 810, it also comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage with the option of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage if you need more memory and storage. The only drawback: They don’t have access to the Google Play Store and Google Mobile Services, but there are Huawei-specific versions – Huawei AppGallery and Petal Search. There is a Huawei Phone Clone utility that allows you to transfer the apps you want from another Android device with GMS access. If you can get past that, you get a FullView 2K display, four speakers that play in 3D stereo with Harman Kardon settings, and a large 7,250 mAh battery for 12 hours of video playback. Another advantage is that the tablet supports the M Pen for pen input, which the Galaxy Tab A7 does not have.

Huawei MatePad 104

The 9.7-inch Huawei MatePad T10 Open View tablet (1280 x 800) and the Lenovo M10 2nd Gen with 10.3-inch screen are cheaper options in the budget segment. The design of the Huawei MatePad T10 Open View is a bit dated, and it still comes with an initial storage capacity of 16GB, which can be expanded to 32GB for a minimal additional cost. However, you will lose access to Google’s mobile services, and the only way to install these apps on your tablet is to use Huawei Phone Clone. You can also get the MatePad T10s, which has a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Both devices are powered by the Huawei Kirin 710A chip.

Finally, the Lenovo M10 Plus 2nd Gen. In terms of price, the tablet falls between the Huawei MatePad T10 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. This 10.3-inch panel has a FullHD+ resolution of 1920 x 1200. It’s flanked by a pair of Dolby Atmos speakers for surround sound, and the back is metal with a tiny 4.6mm wide frame. The tablet weighs 460 grams, is only 8.15 mm thick and is powered by an octa-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz that offers up to 9 hours of battery life on a full charge.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 inch tablet



  • The robust build quality you expect from Samsung
  • Four-way audio system with Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Bright screen with 1200p resolution, ideal for entertainment, web browsing and reading.
  • Excellent battery life, even for a thin and light tablet.
  • Modern design with USB-C charging and facial recognition


  • The stock of starters could be higher
  • Poor camera quality
  • Medium mid to low end processor, could be faster
  • The metal body is great, the color options are a little boring.
  • Screen does not work well in sunlight

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I’ve been eyeing up the Galaxy Tab A2 for a while now, and when Samsung announced the new Tab A7, I knew I had to get one. This little device ticks all the right boxes: it’s well designed, packs plenty of power, and it has a fantastic screen. But with all the budget options lately, what else is there to choose from?. Read more about samsung galaxy tab a7 price and let us know what you think.

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