Override 2: Super Mech League Review — Giant-sized Mechanized Combat

I wrote a review of a Kickstarter project called Override 2, for those of you who are interested in what I’ve been up to the last few months. It’s been a really fun project to work on, and I’m hoping it will begin to generate some buzz.

In this series of posts, I’ve been reviewing one game from a bunch that I’ve found in the App Store. I’ve talked about Overload 2: Super Mechs, an extremely fun, and simple game. This time around, I’ll be reviewing Override 2: Super Mechs League. Well, maybe not super Mechs, but it’s a giant-sized mech combat game.

When I was a kid, I had three favorite video games: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Mega Man. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved giant robots. So, when I started playing the co-op multiplayer game Override 2, I knew something was going to happen.

Original Replacement: Mech City Brawl was a fun, mostly multiplayer mech brawler that perfectly conveyed the fun of fighting giant fighting robots in devastating arenas. It’s a good selling concept, but the game never got the attention it deserved. Thankfully, Override is back to give the series a second chance at glory. Despite a few problems that keep it from flying as high as it could, there’s a lot to love about this 3D action film. Unlike the first game, Override 2 is a multiplayer only game. There’s a short tutorial mode and lots of robot matchmaking, but the single-player campaign of the original is completely absent here. It’s not a huge loss because it was a robot series anyway.

Priority 2: ReviewSur Mech League – Giant mechanized combat

word-image-11422 Whether it’s rankings or direct battles, there’s plenty to look forward to. There are 20 bots in the game, and just like the original, they are incredibly diverse and fantastically designed. There are classic super robots in the style of Gundam, ninja robots and fairy cats, a giant monster with a fish head, a mecha heavily inspired by Godzilla, and designs heavily influenced by other animals, mystical creatures, aliens, and sci-fi pop culture in general. Basically, there’s a Battle Bot for everyone, and thanks to DLC, even more are on the way (including now Ultraman ). With the money from the game, you can buy new bots in career mode, as well as cosmetic items to customize the bot as you play. The robots are very different in size, power and style, leading to the same balance issues as in the first game. It is unlikely thatOverride 2 will ever become a professional competitive game. But for casual gamers, the chaotic level in Super Smash Bros is much better than in and offers a lot of fun. Override 2 also offers a commendable selection of game modes: There’s a single-player mode, a four-player free-for-all, two-on-two team battles, King of the Hill, and even a co-op mode called Xenoswarm, in which players take on AI-controlled aliens from the original game together. The career mode in Override 2 is an escalating series of mech competition battles with corporate sponsors and occasional sponsored missions to earn extra cash. For example, a company may ask you to block 100 times in one fight, but limit your time to 20 minutes. If you’re planning on spending the afternoon with robots anyway, that’s fine, but the rigorous requirements of these tests can seem heavier than they are. Career mode also includes a fully dubbed guide to quickly introduce players to all the game mechanics, sponsors and modes of the competition. This narrator is good in the beginning, but there’s a lot of it in the multiplayer, and by the end it feels like it was left behind in a discarded single player game. The controls are very similar to those of a fighting game. Light and heavy punches and kicks, powerful multi-headed punches, grabs, shields, ultra-attacks and shakes – all the buttons on the control panel are covered here. In addition to throwing objects, various weapons also appear in the arenas. Expect rocket launchers, shotguns, blasters, swords, spears, explosive food and dice, and the most popular weapon of all, a giant cast iron skillet. The arenas themselves are full of traps, obstacles and opportunities. There is a large level with cakes where the treats can be used as weapons. In other levels you will find lava pits, power pools and even cone jumping areas. However, the levels become overcrowded when all four players are playing, and it feels like they were designed with absolute chaos in mind. word-image-11423 Override 2 enjoys its over-the-top, frantic gameplay, but there are a few notable problems that still plague the game. First, the auto-targeting system is so complicated that it is useless at close range and the camera simply refuses to reliably track the subject. This leads to total confusion in the heat of the moment, when the game just doesn’t take into account the immediate opponent. When four robots collide, the game often turns into an impenetrable mass of explosions and frenetic visuals. What’s especially strange is that it happened on every platform we tried, from the gaming PC with the new Geforce RTX 3070 to the Xbox One X to the Nintendo Switch. Override 2 , only seems to have problems with its own speed, both online and offline. What seemed like lag in a four-player multiplayer battle was also noticeable in a local split-screen battle and, even stranger, in a four-player robot battle. The other big problem here is simply the lack of players. Override 2 desperately needs a cross-system game where players from any platform can compete against each other. With the game available on both Xbox and PlayStation generations, Switch and PC, there are plenty of options for a fair number of players. At launch, however, cross-play is only possible between PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Priority 2: Super Mech League Overview – Results



  • A fantastic number of robots to choose from
  • Strange, treacherous arenas, conducive to chaos.
  • Many game modes


  • Delays and framing issues on all platforms
  • True cross-platform multiplayer is needed to make up for the lack of players.
  • The automatic targeting system is incomplete at best

Override 2 certainly has its problems, but the core of the game is solid, playable, and a lot of fun. The action may not be easy, but the combat experience is excellent, and the variety of characters rivals the best classic fighting games. It’s clear that some internal tweaks are needed to make the battles smoother, and while framerate issues have never been devastating to the game, the lack of players may be. [Note: Modus Games has made available a copy of Override 2 : Super Mech League used for this exam].For those of you who have never heard of Override 2, it’s a free-to-play mech fighting game that pits teams of mechs against each other in a battle to destroy the enemy’s base. The game features a wide variety of mechs, a wide range of environments, and a deep mechanics system that allows you to customize your mech for each battle. The game’s creator has recently announced that Override 2 will be expanding to new platforms, and we’re taking a look at the original version to see what this means for the game.. Read more about gamers review and let us know what you think.

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