Make Microsoft Edge Remember Pinned State for Downloads, Favorites and History

Microsoft Edge has lots of nifty features such as SmartScreen, Reading View, and Cortana integration, but it is still missing a few features from Internet Explorer that make using it more efficient. For example, Edge caches the downloads, favorites, and history. If you clear the history in Edge, all your history is also deleted from the favorites and downloads list. It is very frustrating, because you’d have to go through a whole lot of steps to set your favorites, history, and downloads again.

Microsoft Edge, the new web browser in Windows 10, is a great alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The default, however, is that Microsoft Edge does not remember the Favorites or Downloads in the same state that you left them. This means every time you open Edge, all of your bookmarks and downloads will start from scratch. So, how do you make Microsoft Edge remember the pinned state of your Favorites and Downloads for the next time you open the browser?

For example, you can make Microsoft Edge remember the attachment status for the Downloads, Favorites, Collections, and History pop-ups.

Microsoft recently introduced pop-ups for favorites, collections, downloads and history in the Edge app. They are now displayed as menus. Edge lets you lock them in place so they remain visible at all times. The only problem was that the browser didn’t remember the status of the pop-ups, so they disappeared after Edge restarted. These problems have finally been solved.

There is a new option in the latest versions of the Canary browser. Microsoft Edge uses a special indicator to remember if you have a pinned context menu. If you z. For example, if you have pinned downloads, they will appear as pinned the next time you open Edge.

This is a welcome change for many users. Eventually this option will be enabled by default, and then it will reach the stable version of the Edge browser. However, at the time of writing, it is only available in Edge Canary version 92.0.874.0 and above.

This article explains how to make Microsoft Edge remember the status of attachments for the Downloads, Favorites, Collections, and History pop-ups. If you are using the Canary version of Edge, make sure you have the latest version. Just open edge://settings/help to check and update the version.

Have Microsoft Edge remember the status of Download Attachments, Favorites, and History

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Type edge://flags/#edge-hub-pin-persist in the address bar or copy it and press Enter.

  1. Select one of the following options for the Hold pin state drop-down option for the menus.
    • Default (same as disabled)
    • Included
    • Enabled Show button for sharing
    • Enabled Display open and close buttons
    • Activate the menu option Add to always open the attached pages.
    • Disabled
  2. Click the Restart button to apply the changes.

You’re done. You can now close the Experiments tab.

Here are some details on how the above options work.

Contact status options for the vehicle menu

  • Default – Microsoft’s default setting
  • Enabled – Since the menu is already enabled, this setting does nothing.
  • Enabled Show Share Button – When you enable this feature, the close button on the control panel is replaced by the share button. To close the panel without disconnecting it, click the Favorite/Collections/Downloads/etc icon on the toolbar.
  • Enable show share and close button – adds a share button next to the close button on the control panel.
  • Adds a menu option to always open in pinned view – adds an option to the Elipses menu to always open the Favorites and Collections menus in pinned view. If you enable this option, Favorites or Collections will always open as Dock until you disable it.
  • Off – has no effect in this experiment.

That’s it.

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by Sergiy Tkachenko on 3. May 2021, last update 3. May 2021 on Microsoft Edge.

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