Latest Windows 11 build ruins the Taskbar functionality for many

In March of this year, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1511), a free update that brought a host of new features and functionality to Windows 10. One of the big new features in 1511 was the ability to pin apps to the taskbar on the desktop, allowing them to remain visible even when the computer was locked. However, despite the fact that many users were pleased with the new feature, the latest build of Windows, version 1607, ruins it in a variety of ways.

Let’s get right to it, as the title says this is exactly what happened on my computer recently: I installed the latest Windows 11 build from Microsoft’s Insider site, and I noticed some changes to my Taskbar that I’ve never seen before. I haven’t had the latest Windows 10 build installed on my system for a while, and I was curious about how things had changed. I noticed the Taskbar was behaving strangely, and I could only conclude that it was the result of the new Windows 11 build.

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  • Version 22000.71 seems to have damaged the taskbar in various ways for many users.
  • Windows 11’s taskbar feature is a cruel joke to some, while others have only minor visual problems.
  • Whether the icons on your taskbar are just a few pixels apart or there are no icons at all, make sure you report these errors to Microsoft.
  • This article will walk you through all the bugs that limit the use of the taskbar in the new pre-build.

As we all know, the Windows 11 taskbar has been a hotly debated topic ever since Microsoft announced the new operating system and made it available for insiders to test.

And of all the things that have gone wrong with the new design of the next operating system, problems with the taskbar seem to be the most common.

Despite the fact that everyone notices persistent problems with this important operating system tool, we must remember that these are still preliminary versions and that a full, bug-free version is not yet available.

Problem with the size of the taskbar icon text box

In the more unusual area of visual problems, a Windows 11 user wanted to draw the attention of other users to an obvious problem with the icons on the taskbar.

According to Reddit user BearBearAs, the small text box that appears when you hover over the taskbar icons has a fixed size, and the text fits in it oddly.

This is the width of this text field, which apparently cannot be adjusted to the amount of text displayed by the operating system.

The closed taskbar preview button is still Windows 10 style

Apparently, in its rush to refine the next operating system and bring it up to 2021 levels, Microsoft has built some minor design flaws into the structure of Windows 11.

Although the preview window has the same rounded corners and smooth design as all other windows in the future operating system, the close button looks a bit primitive.

It’s too big and seems to have remained unchanged since Windows 7. Another small design element that the Microsoft team should definitely pay attention to.

Users who have encountered this visual error have been quick to report it on social media so others can figure out what’s going on.

Widgets application does not appear in list of taskbar items

So if someone asks you if something is missing from the Windows 11 taskbar, you can answer that something is indeed missing, namely the Widgets application.

Some users do not have this application in the taskbar or in the Settings menu, where certain features can be enabled or disabled.

According to users who reported the problem on Reddit, the Widgets application seems to have completely disappeared from the system after installing the 22000.71 pre-build for Windows 11.

Even a look in the settings menu to see if it’s disabled by default didn’t yield a positive result, as the Widgets application can’t be found.

Search icon is hardly visible

Another report on bugs and problems in 22000.71 also comes from Reddit. This time it’s a visual problem in the new Windows 11.

According to an insider who noticed this problem, the search icon is almost invisible, making it hard for users to notice.

However, this does not detract from the functionality of the tool, as the report states that it still works well, but hardly noticeably. Note that restarting the system will not solve the problem.

Rest assured that the technology company responsible for the operating system will ensure that all visual bugs are corrected before a full, working version is released to the public.

If you have the same problem, you should know that since the latest version, Windows 11 has two search bars that can be used.

Task bar completely empty, no functions

Users in this category should be happy that they have a functional taskbar to test. Version 22000.71 brings with it a lot more problems than we thought, especially with the taskbar.

Reddit user Brockos502 has alerted everyone that after installing the new design, his Windows 11 taskbar is completely blank, with nothing on it at all.

No start menu, no applications, no calls, no clock. The only element that seems to have survived the transition is the arrow that points up and brings up a menu of tools and some open applications.


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