Is it Bad to Sleep with A SmartWatch? What Are The Health Risks?

Media coverage of smartwatches always seems to focus on what it’s like to use a smartwatch when you’re awake, but what about when you’re asleep? And what health risks do smartwatches have in general?

Smartwatches are great. They can tell you the time, keep track of your fitness, and let you make calls. They also can be used to track your sleeping habits and keep tabs on your heart rate. But sleeping with a smartwatch can be really bad for your health. Consider the following:

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, and with their increasing functionality, concerns have been raised about the potential negative impact that wearing one might have on the health of the user.  Recent studies have shown that sleeping with a smartwatch for a period of time may damage the eyes. Smartwatches, like a smartphone, emit small amounts of non-ionizing radiation that can potentially damage the cornea – the clear, outer layer of the eye, which is very sensitive to radiation.

Smartwatches have come a long way since their introduction and are now better than ever. They are now equipped with advanced features such as. B. The sleep tracking feature that tells you how well you slept and everything you need to know about it. But the question is different: Should I wear my smartwatch in bed? Is it dangerous to sleep with a watch? We’ll find out. Smartwatches come in a variety of sizes, and if you have a smartwatch that you can wear comfortably, there is no scientific reason why anyone should not be able to wear a smartwatch in bed. If you feel good, you can wear your smartwatch in bed. Let’s take a closer look at this. word-image-6395

Is it dangerous to sleep with an alarm on?

Smartwatches used to be very clunky, but now they are better and lighter than ever. There are smartwatches that can be worn day and night and won’t strain your wrist. In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences. In my case, I don’t like wearing my smartwatch in bed because I’m not comfortable with it. However, I wear it from time to time to check my sleep analysis, which helps me understand the quality of my sleep. So if you don’t like wearing your smartwatch in bed either, you can keep it next to your bed and that’s totally fine. But if you want a detailed analysis of your sleep, like. If you want to know how long you sleep, how well you sleep and other data, you should wear the smartwatch before bedtime. You can also opt for a light and thin smartwatch that won’t stress you out. You can check out my guide to the thinnest smartwatch, where I talked about the 11 best thin smartwatches.

Does my smartwatch affect my health?

Fitbit Sleep Tracking word-image-6396 While there are no scientific studies showing that smartwatches have a negative effect on our health, opinions vary on this. Because most smartwatches emit radiation, many people think that it is better not to wear a smartwatch in bed. Since we absorb large amounts of radiation during the day, it is necessary to give the body a break and get a good night’s sleep. It is also true that most smartwatches come with very low SAR levels that are not dangerous to human health, and these SAR levels are within FCC limits. Read my comparison of SAR levels between the Fitbit, Apple Watch and Samsung here. Some people also link smartwatches to headaches, but there are no scientific studies to support this claim. I have covered this topic extensively and you can refer to my guide where I have listed some of the scientific research. Good tip: If you don’t want your smartwatch to emit radiation at night, you can turn off Bluetooth and Wifi, which will significantly reduce radiation. In short, there is no strong evidence to support the claim that smartwatches have a negative impact on our health. However, if you think you will get a headache if you wear the smartwatch for a long time, you can choose not to wear it before going to bed. Also check out my guide to the best radiation-free fitness trackers, where I showcase the best trackers that give off little or no radiation.


How strong should the watch be?

If you wear your smartwatch in bed, make sure it’s not too tight. I generally prefer a distance of one finger between my wrist and the band, which is fine for a smartwatch.

Which smartwatch bracelet is ideal to wear at night?

Personally, I use a nylon strap for my smartwatch because it is comfortable and breathable material. I don’t recommend wearing silicone or metal bands in bed, as neither material is ideal and metal bands can potentially hurt you. So, if you want to wear your smartwatch in bed, make sure you get a strap made of nylon or another soft material.

How can a smartwatch record your sleep?

The smartwatch uses several sensors to track your sleep. The watch constantly monitors your movements and transmits the data to an algorithm that then divides your sleep into different sections such as REM sleep, deep sleep, etc. Garmin sleep monitor word-image-6397

Why should you monitor your sleep?

Sleep is an important part of our lives, and not getting enough sleep can only affect your mental health, and that’s not a good thing. If you are one of those people who do not like to wear a smartwatch in bed, you can wear it in bed from time to time to monitor your sleep quality and it will give you a complete picture of your sleep. If you notice something is wrong, you can make adjustments in your routine that will ultimately improve the quality of your sleep.

Can I sleep with the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a high-end smartwatch with a very thin design and low radiation. So wearing the Apple Watch in bed shouldn’t be a problem.

Can I sleep with the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a very thin smartwatch, and the radiation is very low, which means that it is possible to sleep with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. If you want, you can consider the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which has a simpler design and lower profile compared to the Galaxy Watch 3.


This is it, guys. Wearing a smartwatch in bed is not a problem, and there are no scientific studies showing that wearing a smartwatch in bed is dangerous. However, if you feel that wearing a smartwatch is giving you a headache or migraine, you can limit the time you wear it. I also covered this topic in detail and presented scientific studies that will help you understand whether or not wearing a smartwatch causes headaches. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below. Also be sure to check out the WearToTrack website for other helpful guides. word-image-17585(Example). If you wear a smartwatch in bed and sleep with it, are you at any risk of “sleep texting” your significant other? That’s the big question on everyone’s mind after a recent article in The Daily Mail reported that a British couple who suffered a traumatic experience after being woken by a text message when they were sleeping had sued the phone makers.. Read more about 10 reasons not to buy a smartwatch and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to wear a smartwatch to bed?

Smartwatches are a dime a dozen these days, but with all the noise, how safe are they to sleep with? The answer is it depends on various factors such as the type of device, the model, and how it is used. There have been reports of some smartwatches catching fire, so how safe are they overall? When people hear the word “smartwatch”, they picture convenience. From being able to reply to text messages in the middle of the night to tracking workouts, a smartwatch can be an invaluable companion to life. But what many people may not consider is the risk of sleeping with a watch.

Do smart watches give off radiation?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. The latest craze in tech these days has to be smart watches. The idea is that you can track your health and fitness on a wrist band, all to the tune of a smart watch small enough to fit on your wrist. But is the device a health risk, and how does it affect your long term health? A recent study by the UK’s National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) attempted to answer these questions, with the help of a watch worn by a participant in the study. The experiment, conducted by the NRPB, gave a watch to one participant, who wore it for a period of time, and then turned it in for analysis. The watch was then put on a shelf for several months, and then brought

Is smartwatch harmful for health?

In this post, we are going to discuss how smartwatches affect health, and why you should think about putting it off so that you don’t damage your health in the long run. Smartwatches are a boon for the fashion conscious, but as we venture out into the world of wearables, it’s important we consider the pros and cons of these devices. I have a few suggestions for smartwatch users, based on my personal experiences.

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