How to Use WhatsApp Without a Phone Number [updated for 2020]

If you’re not an iPhone user and have been trying to figure out how to use WhatsApp on any android device, the following guide will help you get started. All you need is an android emulator. As long as you have one, you can download the WhatsApp application and start chatting.

WhatsApp is a popular service used by over 1 billion people around the world. This guide will help you understand how WhatsApp works, how to use WhatsApp without a phone number, and also the other alternatives you have.

While hanging out in the garage of your house, you found an old smartphone that you had even forgotten about. After thinking about it for a few days, you decide not to sell it and use it as a second device to surf the internet, listen to music and use Whatsapp. As for WhatsApp… Since there is no SIM card with an active phone number in this device, one wonders whether or not you can use the popular messaging app.

Hey, guys! Frankie is here again to teach you another dirty trick to master WhatsApp. Today we will explain how to use WhatsApp without a phone number.

Specifically, you can use WhatsApp even if you don’t have another phone card by using the WhatsApp web service, accessing your account from another device, or even purchasing a SIM card specifically for using WhatsApp and other messaging services.

So, can you tell me why you’re standing there? Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to read the following paragraphs and above all follow the advice I am about to give you. If you follow my step-by-step recommendations, you will definitely get access to WhatsApp without a phone number – somehow. I can only wish you lots of reading and especially fun!

1. Using WhatsApp Web

Already have an active WhatsApp account and want to use it on a device that doesn’t have a card with a different number? In this case, you can use WhatsApp Web. As you may already know, this allows you to access your WhatsApp account from any browser (except Internet Explorer), whether it’s a computer, smartphone or tablet. So, as you might have guessed, WhatsApp Web does not allow you to create a new account, you can clone an existing one.

To use this service, first open a browser (such as Chrome, Safari, etc.) on the device you want to access your WhatsApp account on, link to WhatsApp Web at in the address bar at the top, and turn on desktop view.

Click on the button with the three dots in the top right corner and select the Request Desktop Site icon from the menu that appears.

Click the up arrow and click the Query Desktop Site icon at the bottom of the menu that appears.

In the WhatsApp application installed on your device, select WhatsApp Web in the settings (or) and scan the QR code that appears on the web page opened on the device without a phone number.

Mission accomplished!

Now you can also use your WhatsApp account on a second device that does not have a card with an active number.

If you cannot use WhatsApp through a browser, you can also use WhatsApp Web through some Android apps (such as WhatsAppWeb WebLite) and iOS apps (such as Messenger for WhatsApp – iPad). To use it, launch it and follow the same procedure I described above to scan the QR code and access your WhatsApp account (it’s a browser pre-configured to use WhatsApp Web).

For more information on using WhatsApp Web, please see the more detailed information I just linked to. I would also like to remind you that on your computer, you can download the official WhatsApp client, available for Windows and macOS, which will allow you to follow a procedure similar to the one described above, without worrying about your browser. I covered this topic in detail in my guide to using WhatsApp on PC, remember?

If you do not want to clone your WhatsApp account with the WhatsApp web service, you can create an account on your phone number and then use it on a device that is not connected to the number (e.g., a smartphone or tablet without a SIM card).

Of course, accessing your WhatsApp account on one device will automatically disable the other, because WhatsApp (unlike Telegram and other similar services) does not allow you to use your account on multiple devices at the same time.

2. Purchasing a SIM card for WhatsApp

Another solution you can consider for using WhatsApp without a phone number is to purchase a WhatsApp SIM card, or one of those cards designed for use with the most popular instant messaging services (not just WhatsApp), at a relatively low price.

One of the most popular SIM cards in this category is the ChatSim, which, as the name suggests, is designed to allow you to use chat services – including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE and many others – in over 150 countries without having to worry about international roaming restrictions.

Before I discuss ChatSim in detail, I want to make it clear that it is not a very cheap solution to use: In fact, the card costs 15 euros, to which must be added 5 euros in delivery charges and an annual recharge of at least 10 euros required to obtain the credits necessary to use the service, which amounts to at least 30 euros.

In case you’re wondering: If the SIM card has not been charged for 12 months or more, it is automatically deactivated. Also note that there are traffic thresholds that should not be exceeded and it is advisable to check these before purchasing (more information on this subject can also be found on this page).

If you decide to buy a sim after carefully weighing the pros and cons of ChatSim, you should know that you can order them from both ChatSim’s website and Amazon.

Once you have received the SIM card, you must activate it: To do so, go to this page, enter the 19- or 20-digit ID number listed on the SIM card and the phone number associated with the ChatSim you received into the corresponding text fields, click the green Continue button, and wait for the process to complete successfully. The last step to use the card is to insert the SIM card into the specific tray of the device you want to use the card in, configure the APN according to ChatSim’s instructions and you are ready to go.

3. Use of a temporary number

If you want to use WhatsApp without a number, you can try using a temporary number that can give you an activation code for the popular instant messaging platform. In case you didn’t already know, there are online services that allow you to have disposable phone numbers that you can use when you activate services like WhatsApp (if we want to make a comparison, they work more or less like the ones that allow you to create temporary email addresses).

Before I explain how best to use these services, I should point out that the numbers provided by these services are scarce and therefore many of them have already been used for other WhatsApp activations : This means that it is very difficult to find a work number.

If you do want to try one of these services, just search Google for terms like fake number verification and on the page that opens, find the service that seems to best fit your needs.

Frankie agrees:

Sites where you can use a temporary number do not ask you for personal information to register. So be careful of portals that ask for personal information or even portals that ask for money. In fact, these are likely ways to commit identity theft or fraud. You got it?

Once you have found one of the services that allows you to get a temporary phone number, simply activate WhatsApp on your Android device or iPhone, enter the temporary number in the text box, and click Next. Then go to the service page where you took the temporary number and if it has not been used to verify other WhatsApp accounts, you should get a verification code that you can use to activate your account.

If you didn’t find the toll-free number the first time, you can try to find others: If possible, select the number to which several text messages were sent and make sure that there are no messages containing the WhatsApp activation code among the messages received. But you should know that it is very difficult to find the right numbers for her.

Looking for more tips? I’ve got a big collection of crap you should check out.

That’s all I have for you today. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below so I can respond.

I’m kissing you,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bypass WhatsApp verification time 2020?

If you want to (or had to) change your phone number, you probably remember how you had to wait a couple weeks for that shiny new WhatsApp to recognize your number change. But it’s not as easy as it used to be. WhatsApp is now using a system that links your phone number with your account (unless you use the service without a phone number), and this means that you can only change your number if you have access to your Messenger. This is not to be confused with your phone number. In fact, if you have access to your phone number, you can use it on an alternative device to log into your account, but only if you have access to your password. So you want to bypass WhatsApp verification time 2020, but you are worried it will invite a ban from WhatsApp. There are a few ways to bypass the new WhatsApp verification time 2020 which is causing headaches for many WhatsApp users. Verify 2019 is a simple and effective method that will get you back into WhatsApp in a matter of hours. However, if you are not in a rush, you can bypass WhatsApp verification time 2020 for free using an alternative method.

Can you activate WhatsApp without a phone number?

The battle to control the messaging market continues, and the latest entrant is the new messaging app called WhatsApp. One of the key features of WhatsApp is that it doesn’t require you to give out your phone number. Instead, you create an account with an email address and access WhatsApp with a code that’s sent to your email. If you want to use WhatsApp without a phone number, there are two things you’ll need: A SIM card and an internet connection. First, you’ll need to get a SIM card. You can buy one from a store or online. You’ll also need a phone number that you can use to receive text messages on. Next, you’ll need to get a phone number from a service that gives you a phone number you can use.

How can I use WhatsApp without number 2021?

We all know that WhatsApp has a unique number for each user. WhatsApp calls it your username and this number is used to verify that you are a real person. This number is also used for WhatsApp to know on which device to send messages to you and for signing up on WhatsApp. If you lost your phone number or the number changed due to any reason, you may not be able to use WhatsApp to receive or send messages. This is the point where you would need a new number for WhatsApp. If you want to get WhatsApp without phone number 2020 or 2021, then you need to use a WhatsApp without phone number service. WhatsApp without 2020 is the latest video calling feature rolled out by WhatsApp. The new WhatsApp without number 2020 feature allows users to make video call with their loved ones without disclosing their personal phone number. The new WhatsApp without number feature is a great chance for the people who are not much comfortable with giving out their personal phone number.

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