Honkai Impact 3 Beginners Guide and Play It on PC

Honkai Phase 3 has finally hit the global servers. It is a continuation of Honkai Impact 2 with more new features and gameplay modes. The game has released only on Steam as of now, but we will see an other platform release in the near future. For starters, the game is a lot more difficult than the previous versions and will require a lot of time and effort to get a hang of things.

Honkai Impact 3 is the 3rd installment of the game series Honkai Impact, which is a kind of Action RPG game developed by a Taiwanese company, X-Legend. This masterpiece was released on 24 September 2017. You will play as a member of the human army, and fight against the Honkai that appeared in different worlds. To acomplish your goal, you can use various weapons including your fists, swords and guns. In this game, you can make your own character, select the gender and pick up the clothes. You will use the characters to fight against the enemies, and also use the items to improve your characters. When you are fighting with the enemies, you can use the skills and the magic.

The Honkai Impact 3 is the latest installment of the Honkai Impact franchise by aloft studios. This game is the forth in the series and the first one to be playable on PC. This is a side-scrolling shooting game, with some RPG elements to it. The gameplay is similar to most classic 2D shooting games, but instead of killing aliens or zombies, players have to take out the enemies of the Eden faction. A couple of things that make this game unique when compared to other side scrolling shooting games are, the fact that players can level up and choose from a variety of weapons to use. The game has a single-player mode and an online mode, where you can team up with 3 other players to play the game.

An anime-style role-playing game that focuses on battles and upgrading heroes. This RPG is surprisingly unique with stunning visuals and graphics. You control a collection of Valkyries, seductive female characters who fight against a world-destroying evil called Honkai. The story of this game is very engaging, and as the game progresses, players are given different missions and special abilities or add-ons, called stigmas, to fight zombies and mechanical monsters. word-image-8188 Half of the gameplay is focused on combat, the other half on upgrading heroes and equipment. You can also join and form guilds, separate modes for collecting gold and equipment, special events and unique stories.

Honkai Impact 3 Beginner’s Guide and PC Game

In this article, we will cover most of the basic tips and tricks that you should follow as a beginner. Here are the best tips and tricks for playing Honkai Impact 3.

1. Keep your crystals

word-image-8189 Do not spend crystals on standard gacha after the first S rank, and do not spend crystals on gacha items (weapons and stigmas). Use crystals to unlock the best Valkyries when you get a stock card. Try to save diamonds for new characters that appear, like Gerrsher of the Mind and Stygian Nymph right now. He’s a good character.

2. Always perform daily tasks

Daily missions are an integral part of the daily routine in Honkai Impact 3.

3. Daily access

Make sure you play the game every day for different rewards: Crystals, chips, gold and more.

4. Farm fragments

Cultivate Valkyries to increase their rank. Each character can be ranked up to SSS. You can get Valkyrie fragments after completing the story on difficulty and higher levels. Go to Don, choose Expeditions, and choose the Valkyrie fragments you want to mine. You also need stamina.

5. Folding card EXP

Use the captain’s token for 50% EXP. This will help you a lot. The maximum level of your Valkyrie is limited to your own level, so you must level up in order for your Valkyrie to level up further. You can also lead the captain 50%EXP. This will help you level up quickly.

6. Don’t try to get 10 Hach at once

Even though you can only get an A-rank Valkyrie in 10 moves, it is better to make some moves, because you will get an A-rank Valkyrie every 10 moves, even if you only made a few deliveries.

7. Agricultural crystals Early

Crystals can be obtained by completing daily quests, daily connections, endless chasms and story quests. So grow those crystals and save money.

8. Events are always held on weekdays

Weekday events are the best place to get materials without wasting DIY. You’ll need them later to upgrade your weapons and stigma.

9. Try to complete all the tasks inby completing the story steps.

If you complete three tasks. Each time you get 15 crystals. If you play through the storylines of the first chapter at a normal level, you’ll get 225 diamonds for free as a result of this calculation. It’s not that hard, and you are rewarded with gold for each level you complete. word-image-8190 It’s easy to follow these tips, but sometimes you get tired of the small phone screen. Therefore it is best to play this game on a PC with a bigger screen and better hardware specifications. Unfortunately there is no official app for Honkai Impact 3 for PC, all you can do is play it on a powerful Android emulator. But choosing an Android emulator is tricky. Not all emulators are worth downloading. Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.

Honkai Effect 3 on LDP layer

LDPlayer is the newest emulator on the market, with promising features. With over 100 million downloads and millions of daily active users, LDPlayer’s main goal is to provide a smooth and lightning-fast gaming experience. LDPlayer features:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • It supports Intel and AMD processors.
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  • The interface is unique and simple.
  • Wide range of settings, from key display to resolution.
  • It also supports 2K resolution.



If you like Honkai Impact 3 and you’re looking for the perfect Android emulator to play Honkai Impact 3 on PC, LDPlayer is your ideal choice. Leave the worries behind and switch to LDPlayer for a smooth gaming experience.As a sequel to 2016’s Honkai Impact 2, Honkai Impact 3 is a beautiful anime-styled action RPG game with very innovative features, including a battle system that’s similar to Monster Hunter and a story written by one of the primary scriptwriters for Koei Tecmo’s long-running Dynasty Warriors franchise. It’s also got a pretty complex system like its predecessor, so if you’re a newcomer to this series, this might feel like a challenging game. The game was developed by an indie Chinese team called Manjuu, and it’s currently only officially available in China (although players in other regions can easily download it from their website). However, you can also. Read more about honkai impact 3 beginner guide 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Honkai impact on PC?

Honkai Impact 3 is a thrilling third-person shooter that blends together elements of strategy to create a game with a deep story and lots of replay value. Top-notch art, animation and voice acting help bring the game to life, and you’ll have a blast learning new combat tactics (like how to fuse together your own unique characters) that you can use to defeat an army of Guardians bent on destruction. Honkai Impact 3 is a mixture of RPG and MOBA games. PC players can choose to play it in game client or install the game client via APK. If you want to play it in game client, you have to download the Honkai Impact 3 game client via Play Store. If you want to play it on PC, you have to download and install the APK file. Blog Post:  How to Play Honkai Impact 3 on PC?

Is Honkai impact 3 F2P friendly?

Thanks to a recent update, Honkai Impact 3 has finally made the jump to free-to-play. Although that may sound a bit too good to be true, there are no strings attached. (Well, except for the whole “you need to spend money to make money” thing, but that’s a discussion for another time.) Of course, you still have to pay for premium currency in order to progress, but all of the game’s vital content—including events, equipment, and the latest characters—are available without ever spending a dime. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, Impact 3 is a mobile RPG that’s been out in Asia for over a year. It’s a dark game set in the far future, with a story that’s genuinely interesting even when it gets a bit melodramatic. The gameplay is a pretty standard RPG, but it’s got a few twists that make it worth checking out.

How long is Honkai impact 3 tutorial?

If you are a new player, the Honkai Impact 3 Beginners Guide and Play It on PC is going to be an essential part for you to start playing Honkai Impact 3 on PC. This guide will walk you through; how to start playing Honkai Impact 3 on PC, how to download Honkai Impact 3 on PC, Honkai Impact 3 tips and tricks and Honkai Impact 3 controls. This video is a guide to help people who need to know how to start playing this game and want to avoid some mistakes. It is not a complete guide for the game but only for the beginners. So, you can find below a few instructions about how to get started and how to avoid some mistakes. Some of the important details about this game are as follows:

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