Cygames Celebrates a Decade of Mobile Gaming Goodness with a Tech Demo

I’ve got a real treat for you today. Today, I’m going to show you the first public demo of Skelattack, a game developed by Cygames and published by aloft studios that runs on the new Cygames-designed Nova engine. Before I get to the demo, however, I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you how this groundbreaking new technology came to be.

In the past decade, Japanese mobile game studio Cygames has been hard at work creating some of the most popular Japanese mobile gaming experiences, including Rage of Bahamut, Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse and more. To mark its 10th anniversary, the company has released a tech demo which showcases just how far mobile games have come. >>>>>

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, famous mobile game studio Cygames has presented its advanced metagame technology to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

These technologies have made it possible to create and develop famous mobile games that are very popular with a growing number of loyal fans.

『グラブル』や『ウマ娘』など 最高のコンテンツ を生み出し続けるサイゲームスの最新スタジオ&アニメ・マンガ制作現場に潜入!

Oh, you don’t know Cygames yet?

Cygames, founded in 2011, is a game development studio that specializes in creating mobile games for Android and iOS platforms. They may not be the biggest in Japan, but they have a good selection of very popular IPs, some of which have even led to several sequels and spin-offs. If you’ve played any of the following popular mobile games, you probably already know how they work:

  • The Wrath of Bahamut
  • Granblue Fantasy
  • Shadowverse
  • Dragalia lost
  • Idolmasters Cinderella Girl
  • Princess Connect! Re:Immersion
  • Uma Musume Pretty Derby

In particular, Uma Musume Pretty Derby is currently one of the newest and most popular games from Cygames. In February 2021, after a delay of almost two years (from the original release date), the game was released.

The game has been downloaded over five (5) million times in the months since its release, and is currently the most popular mobile game among regular vtub users in Japan.

sixty-seven flashing lights Motion detection technology

[Model Image] [Created Face CG]In 2017, Cygames established its own photogrammetry studio to develop highly detailed 3D data, particularly human models. Although this came with a significant price tag, the drastic reduction in the time and effort required to create 3D models was a boon to the company in the creation of many games and associated promotional materials. Fans of games from Cygames in particular have often seen the 3D motion capture technology used to portray some of the characters in the series. This is mainly to promote relevant games through officially established YouTube channels.

In 2021 it was further improved with the Esper light cage system. Today, Cygames’ 3D development studio uses a set of 67 cameras that, with properly tuned flashes, produce 603 high-quality images in a single session.

The house as it should be: Public address system

[Studio C] [Optimized stereo studio]A year before 3D Studio was established in 2016, Cygames’ Tokyo branch set up its recording studio. Technologically, it offers nothing revolutionary. The main theme is that it should be simple, practical to use and thematically aesthetic (for the room). A main studio is typically equipped with 7.2.4 channel audio speakers, while other secondary studios are equipped with 5.1 channel surround speakers.

More importantly, recording studios have embraced the modern concept that they no longer look like recording studios. This is how the head of the sound department describes it:

It looks like some kind of holiday villa somewhere in the countryside.

As you may have guessed, the idea behind this popular concept is to make recording engineers and guests feel comfortable in the studio. The relaxed atmosphere is designed to help them constantly perform at their best and minimize the stress of each session.

For more specialized recording sessions, the department of course has real sound stages in traditional style. However, they are generally intended for sound editing tasks.

Cygames and Manga Publishing?!

[I’ll take care of any fight you have against me!] [Although I won’t be fighting you myself.]Yes, for those who know Cygames and its subsidiaries a little better, the company also has its own manga publishing division. CyComi is known not only for developing spin-offs for its main mobile games, but also for continuing to release a number of original games, such as Tsuyoshi, Dare mo Katenai Aitsu ni Wa, Forward! and Anata wa Watashi ni Otosaretai.

Being mobile, the company has also adopted the same webcomic format as other mobile manga publishers. In any case, the section remains a valuable alternative channel for the distribution of important Akiba material, whether purely promotional or not.

Traditionally updated: Highlights of the animation workshop

[Animation/Art/Shooting/CG]Cygames Pictures is the technical mastermind behind all the remarkable scenes in all the mobile games the company has developed and published. For example, if you’ve ever seen the movie Princess Connect! If you look at the animations of the Re:Dive story (from the game, not the TV anime), you’ll be immediately surprised by the level of quality, which can technically surpass even that of a specialized anime studio. This is especially evident in the crossover events, where characters from other shows are also featured in scenes, making it feel like an official anime episode airing somewhere in the country.

The studio uses traditional animation techniques, or at least that’s what the team at Cygames Pictures claims. At the very least, they always combine some old (but still effective) animation techniques with modern ones to recreate the scene as perfectly as possible from the original storyboard.

Since most of the best Cygames games are mobile gacha games, they can be difficult to master for those who are not into lootbox games. But at least you can learn about the traditions and stories of each title. The online activities of each series, especially on their official YouTube channels, should be equally interesting.


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