Call of the Tempestarii: TennoGen: Hotfix 30.1.1

The TennoGen Program allows the Warframe Community to create and sell their own content on the Steam Workshop. As part of the process, a TennoGen Approval Review is conducted to ensure only content of the highest quality reaches the Warframe Fan Community. On December 6, 2017, the Warframe development team released a new update for the game that included a rework of an existing Warframe and a new Warframe. In addition, four skins were added to the TennoGen Program. Today, January 6, 2018, Hotfix 30.1.1 has released to address the bug fixes and tweaks based on community feedback from the TennoGen Program.

For the past few years, TennoGen has been a staple in Warframe: a program that allows player-made Warframe skins and weapons to be sold for profit. Many of the skins and weapons sold through TennoGen have been created by members of the TennoGen community, who are passionate about creating and selling their creations to the Tenno community at large. Recently, however, TennoGen skins and weapons have been removed from Warframe’s market of available items.


The Tempestarii call: TennoGen: Corrigendum 30.1.1

Railjack changes and repairs:

  • Nautilus blueprint and parts added in rotations B and C of the Railjack Corps defense on Neptune. This was added to allow players who are set on endless missions to obtain a guardian without having to do endless missions alone.
  • The effect of fire hazard on railjack weapons has changed: instead of artillery and front guns requiring 2 charges per shot, they are now set at half speed.
    • Normal turrets remain unchanged, and the heat boost cooldown has become half speed if your railjack has a fire hazard.
  • The Railjack drift sound will not restart if you continue to drift.
  • You can now press P (Mission Execution) when performing actions as a pilot or gunner in Railjack.
  • Loss of function resolved when attempting to engage a crew via ticker when the maximum crew capacity is 33.
  • Fixed the client not receiving corrupted enemies when the host does not encounter corrupted enemies in Void Storm missions. Usually this was the case when the host stayed on the railjack while the guests boarded ships, POIs, tall ships, etc.
  • The HUD display for electrical hazards has been improved when a crew member is repairing a hazard while in a non-crime situation.
  • Missing reward for completing 36. Orfix corrected.
  • Fixed the fact that pressing the P (mission progress) key when completing a railjack mission would cause the troop menu to disappear and railjack nodes would not be selectable.
  • Repairs the return of the ship after it was sent into space by disintegrating.
  • A gun turret that becomes unusable when the player goes in and cancels the mission has been fixed.
  • Fixed erroneous camera angles that occurred after teleporting to the Capital Ship Corps while in the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed a case where an archery device hitting a Grineer Railjack POI caused a collision with the POI’s grid.
  • Nekramekh getting shot by Archwing’s slingshot with a timely transfer resolved.
  • Fixed irregularities in the appearance of Void Sink when the leader was in a different place than the rest of the team.
  • Fixed wrong addition of attack matrices when used in a squad.
  • A crew member’s weapon could not be changed if you assigned him the role he has now.
  • Resolved the fact that Railjack Blink (rank 10 in the controller) should be tied to LB by default, but is in fact tied to A for the controller.
  • Mission credits multiplied exponentially upon entering the Railjack tower with the mission screen open. It’s just a visual defect.
  • Enemy Aurex Vertec backpacks with incorrect textures with the Walnut print. They were dying to know what color their backpack was.
  • Fixed problems with waypoints in ice mines.
  • Unlimited hit points in Tempestarii’s Spy Phase reputation resolved.
  • Fixed the loading of some Railjack Plexus related items.
  • Fixed loud alarm sound in dungeons with loot in Ralejack Corps.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when a ship was destroyed if it was hit by an arc drop.
  • Fixed a script error when destroying a ship.


  • Sevagoth’s Shadow Embrace now works on bosses with rag-tag resistances (Vay Hek, Ambulas, etc). If an enemy has resistance to crowd control, the duration of adjustment against them is shortened if Embrace is repeatedly spoken.
  • Teshin’s weekly article now tops his list of contributions to the steel track.
  • Intelligent scouts on Uranus now stay until you scan them instead of disappearing after scanning 2 bodies, giving you a better chance of scanning them. An additional target marker is now placed on them when they are in range.
  • You can trade the Cambion floating fish now!


  • Optimization of intercept missions to address user interface performance leaks.


  • Fixed a bug that could occur when opening Arsenal.
  • Fixed bug where the Intercept HUD client could miss tokens when joining a process.
  • The Magus anomaly attracting Condor ships has been fixed.
  • Hydroid’s Tide Impunity refresh removed knockdown prevention.
  • Night’s Watch napalm deaths caused by a reverberating fireball not counted as Ogris deaths for affinity enrichment.
  • Fixed bad textures from Grendel’s spray ball when using Moloch’s skin.
  • Protea not getting the right gadgets from the weapon belt and Blaze dispenser when equipped with the Collapsar skin has been fixed.
  • The original combination of Sigma and Octantis did not work well in all racks.
  • Fixed a situation where you couldn’t perform a stretch while flying the Archwing with the controller.
  • Fixed bug that prevented some clans from leveling up.
  • Fixed a few more instances of enemies under level 15 appearing in low level Destroy Syndicate missions.
  • The polarity of Sevagoth’s shadow could no longer be changed.
  • The ability to push your butt into Sevagoth’s tombstone has been fixed.
  • Fixed cases where the indication that your teammate needs help to open the door persisted throughout the mission.
  • Fixed damage icons (and all other icons) not appearing in the sort descriptions in the world status window.
  • FX Impulse offset of the corrected waypoint relative to the marker.
  • Default full screen resolution is now always 800×600 when switching window modes.
  • Fixed some issues with TennoCon 2021 support for armor.
  • Reverse emblems on the left Ionic shoulder armor corrected.
  • Fixed some combinations of Syandana and Warframe that could cause floating black squares.

We also fixed the twitch drops for the Devstream #154 drop 3x Sparkling. Log back in to receive your inbox – if you don’t get it right away, come back in 5 minutes as it may take a while to clear the backlog.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, please mark
/u/desmaraisp, it will fix them.Here is my github

Source: Original link

  • The Tempestarii call: Correction 30.0.7

The Tempestarii call: Correction 30.0.7 Changes : Added an option for players to start the Jackal/Razorback boss fight after 30 seconds if other players can’t reach them. The Epitaph plan can now be replaced. Added updated animations for weapons worn on the wrist (i.e. Gammacor, Epitaph, Atomos, etc.). Also fixed a weird animation of the wrist angle. The statue of the hydroid in Larunda…

  • The Tempestarii call: Correction 30.0.6

Source: The Tempestarii call: Correction 30.0.6 Changes : The requirement for a crafting control module has been replaced with gallium in the Rhino system map, allowing players to purchase it sooner. Some custom animations of the dwell times of the Mirage Oneiro’s weapon have been refined. Added option ‘None’ for background images in Dojo, so you can revert to the default. Changes and corrections by Sevagoth :.

Post Call of the Tempestarii: TennoGen: Warframe Hotfix 30.1.1.

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