Boult AirBass FX1 Review, Sound Quality Is Not Bold!

I’ve been playing the bass guitar for over six years now, and I have owned many different basses during that time. I’ve had the opportunity to try out some truly amazing low priced basses from companies like Squier and other budget brands, but when it comes to bass guitar, I’ve always been a fan of the boutique brands. One of the top boutique brands is boutique brand Boult. They are truly an amazing brand. They produce high quality products for a very reasonable price, and they have their own line of basses called AirBass. I recently received a review sample of the AirBass FX1 from Boult. Let’s take a look at my full review of this bass

So, what do the AirBass FX1 sound like? As I said in the intro, I won’t lie to you. The bass of the AirBass FX1 is not as bold as I would like it to be. However, to say that the bass is lacking would be a disservice to the AirBass FX1. It is still quite good. The sound of the AirBass FX1 is slightly colored, but it is still clear, and it conveys a good amount of detail. For the size, the AirBass FX1 is quite loud, with great volume.

I had high expectations for the A1 bass system that I received. The box contained a pair of over the ear headphones, the FX1 wireless transmitter, and a cable that connects the two together. The transmitter has a mini USB port and can be used to charge your phone, so there is no need to carry around a power bank. The transmitter and headphones also has a touch sensitive power button. This button can be tapped and held to power on or off the set, while also being able to be used to control the music playback.

There are many alternatives to AirPods in the Indian market. Although brands like Realme, OnePlus and Xiaomi have released their own TWS headphones, they are not available to all customers. Audio manufacturers like Boat, pTron and Boult are working to make STS accessible to millennials. We have seen different models of the above brands at different prices and most of them have impressed us. Check out our list of top 5 TWS helmets under Rs 2000 in India. Recently we have had the Boult AirBass FX1 in our hands, we have subjected him to a thorough test. What is the sound quality? How is the build quality of the Boult AirBass FX1? Is it worth buying these TWS headphones for Rs 1500? All of these questions will be answered in the review. So without further ado, let’s start the review, shall we?

What’s in the box?

  • Boult AirBass FX1
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card
  • USB Type-C cable
  • 2 extra earplugs


Construction and mechanical engineering

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly see why it’s so light. Speaking of loading crates: Although it looks similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro, the FX1 has a shell-shaped design. White’s unit is with us. It should be noted that the AirBass FX1 is available in two other colors, including black and blue. Unlike most TWS helmets on the market, Boult is used to over-branding his products. word-image-8623 A logo has been applied to the lid of the loading case. Open the lid and the three logos will appear in front of you again. One on each of the earphone stems and a third on the center portion of the bottom of the housing. The Type-C port for charging is located on the bottom. The lid is closed by magnets. We are absolutely fans of the FX1’s compact design, as it can easily be carried in a jeans pocket and fit into small shelves. However, the compact design and weightless construction limits the space needed for the batteries. We’ll come back to this later. word-image-8624 The headphones have a similar design to the OPPO W31. Curved headphone design for better grip and comfort. During the test, we used it for 3-4 hours straight without any discomfort, thanks to its lightness. word-image-8625

Sound and microphone quality

Now I come to the elephant in the room: the sound quality. The company has not disclosed the exact audio driver specifications for these headphones, but based on our testing, we believe the Boult AirBass FX1 is equipped with 6mm drivers. It’s not the best headphones in this price range, but it does its job perfectly. The voices and treble are not overloaded at all. As the name of these headphones suggests, the bass is there. The loudest and deepest basses jump out, making the mids and highs inaudible on some tracks. word-image-8626 We didn’t like the audio distributions at all. Unlike most cheap products, the FX1s have rich bass. As we said before, bass is not important here, it’s just noticeable bass. Music fans who love rock, hip-hop, EDM and DJing will love the whole performance. But if you like mids or vocals, you may not like them. Now let’s talk about the quality of the microphone. That’s good. Not too good, but not bad either. Indoor calls are clear, but if you are walking through streets with traffic and wind, the sound will definitely be weak. The person you are talking to may hear more background noise than you do.


After a full charge, the headphones work for up to 8 hours. That’s it. That’s what the company said at the launch of these headphones. Neither the specifications nor the battery capacity of the headset or the housing have been disclosed by the company. During our tests, we were able to use the headphones for up to 4 hours on a single charge, and playback time reached 15 hours. We’re really impressed. Even though it is so light and compact, we loved looking at these figures. word-image-8627

Concluding remarks

In short, the Boult AirBass FX1 is one of the best headphones in this price range. For a price of Rs 1,500, we get decent build quality, compact design, mediocre performance and good battery life. But do you recommend buying these headphones? No, we don’t, and there are several reasons for that. First, there are much better TWS products from various brands that can do much more than the FX1. With these words, it’s time for me to say goodbye. Until next time, stay technical! For more information, you can watch the full test on our YouTube channel.

Boult AirBass FX1 Advantages and disadvantages of the

For :

  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable and light
  • Easy to use
  • Decent battery life


  • Very low audio output
  • A very limited sound stage

buy now:

Best alternatives:

Boult Audio AirBass FX1 Truly Wireless Earbuds with 24 hours total battery life, IPX5 water resistance,… word-image-8628 Rs. 1,679 Rs. 4,999 of 05/19/2021 8:32 ⓘ. OPPO Enco W11 Truly Wireless Earpiece (white) word-image-8629 Rs. 1,799 Rs. 3,999 2 news of Rs. 1,799 of 05/19/2021 8:32 ⓘ. Realme Buds Q Bluetooth Headphones word-image-8630 Rs. 2,499 Rs. 5,999 of 05/19/2021 8:32 ⓘ. Soundcore Life Note Wireless Bluetooth Headphones word-image-8631The Boombox FX1 is a full-sized Bluetooth speaker with a unique look and sound. The FX1 has a clean modern design that can fit into any sort of décor. It has an easily removable foam speaker that is capable of producing deep bass tones, but its biggest appeal is in its sleek smart design, including its minimalistic, reflective design.. Read more about boult audio airbass propods and let us know what you think.

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