Adblock not working on YouTube: 7 Fixes

Adblock is a popular add-on for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers that allows users to block all advertisements. However, YouTube is in the process of blocking ad-blocking extensions completely, meaning that users who are using the popular add-on will not be able to view any ads on the website in question.

Adblock not working on YouTube: 7 Fixes

Ad blockers can save us a lot of headaches and hassles. But it can be just as annoying if they stop working unexpectedly.

In this article, we’ll look at some solutions to get your adblocker working again on YouTube.

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The ads you see on Google services are associated with your Google Account. You may be able to resolve the issue by logging out of your account and logging back in.

Step one: Go to Youtube and click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then click Exit.

Step Two: After you have logged out, log back in using the Login button and verify that the ad blocking feature is working properly.

Also check for updates to your extension or browser. If there are updates, install them immediately and restart your browser. This should solve your problem.

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Disabling and enabling the adblocker extension can also help restore performance.

To chrome/rim

Step one: Go to chrome://extensions/. Note that this also works in Edge.

Step two: Turn your ad blocker off and on again.

In Firefox

Step one: Go to about:addons.

Step two: Go to the Extensions tab, find your adblocker extension, disable it and enable it again. Restart the browser when prompted.

On safari

Step one: Click the Safari menu and then click Preferences.

Step two: Find your adblocker extension in the Extensions tab, disable it and enable it again.

Restart your browser when prompted and the extension will work properly.

Sometimes other extensions can conflict with your adblocker and prevent it from working correctly. In this case, go to the extensions control panel following the steps above and disable all extensions except the adblocker.

If your adblocker is working properly again, one of the disabled extensions should be causing a conflict with the adblocker. Try activating the extensions one by one until your adblocker cannot disable the offending extension.

If checking for updates, deactivating and reactivating, and checking for conflicting extensions didn’t work, reinstalling the adblocker extension from scratch may also work. Reinstalling the extension will remove any corrupted system or cache files that prevent the extension from working and allow it to become operational again.

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Adblocker filter lists may stop working properly if one of the pages in the list changes structure. In this case, if Youtube changes the structure of the page, even a little, it is possible that the adblocker stops working.

Depending on the adblocker you have installed, you can open the adblocker’s settings and manually update the filter lists. Then restart your computer and try to access Youtube again. Your adblocker should be working fine.

Corrupt files in your cache or otherwise can also cause this error. Uninstall it and see if you can get Chrome to work.

Step one: Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into your browser’s address bar and press Enter.

Step two: Select the Cache and Cookies options and make sure the Time Range option is set to All times. Click Clear Now to delete all data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my YouTube AdBlock not working?

If you are using a browser extension like AdBlock, please make sure you have the latest version.

Does AdBlock no longer work on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube is now using an HTML5 player, which is not compatible with AdBlock.

Why is my AdBlock not working on YouTube 2021?

Some YouTube videos may not be blocked by AdBlock. This may be because of the way the video is hosted on YouTube. If your AdBlock is not working on YouTube, please try disabling AdBlock for YouTube.

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